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June 09 2021

5 Keys to Winning A Cannabis Retail Application

Submitting a winning cannabis retail license application is no small feat. 

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June 04 2021

Keys to Cannabis Licensing: Financial Projections

Why You Need Financial Projections to Get a Cannabis License

A business plan and financial projections are necessary financial documents in applying for and securing a cannabis license. These documents are not only essential in applying for your license, but will also serve as the roadmap...

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June 01 2021

Delta-8 Explainer: What is Delta-8?

Delta-8 THC is a controversial product stirring up a lot of news -- and earning bans in a growing number of adult-use and medical cannabis states. A lot of confusion swirls around Delta-8 (and to a lesser extent Delta-10) as consumers, operators and regulators seek clarity on what this...

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May 26 2021

Ownership Shares: The Key to Attracting Top Cannabis Talent

Every business is a talent business. 

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May 21 2021

Economic Impact of Cannabis is Expected to be 5X Greater in 2021

It is no secret that the cannabis industry is growing quickly and strengthening the economies of states and territories with legal adult-use and medical programs. After a banner year in 2020, when the cannabis industry pumped an estimated $17.5 billion into the US economy, an analysis from ...

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May 20 2021

New Era of Cannabis Mergers and Acquisitions: What You Need to Know

Florida-based cannabis multi-state operator (MSO) Trulieve has announced a $2.1 billion acquisition deal of Harvest Health & Recreation. If this all-stock transaction is approved, it would result in the largest cannabis industry M&A deal to date, and could be the beginning of a new era of...

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May 11 2021

5 Ways Cannabis Companies Benefit From Enhanced Controls

The strong control environments utilized by public companies in the cannabis industry provide a powerful blueprint for best practices that private cannabis companies can learn from and build on. These controls can: provide greater accountability within the organization, lower the risk of...

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May 05 2021

What Cannabis Businesses Can Learn from the Harborside Inc. Case vs. the IRS

In late April, a U.S. appeals court rejected an attempt to end Section 280E of the IRS tax code by California-based cannabis company Harborside Inc.

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April 30 2021

Why and How the IRS Audits Cannabis Businesses

In comparison to mainstream industries, cannabis businesses have considerably greater odds of being audited by the IRS. Why the IRS prioritizes auditing the cannabis industry may come as no surprise to the majority of cannabis business owners across the US. However, we weren't aware of how...

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April 19 2021

How to Structure Your Cannabis Cultivation Business

Corporate Structures for Cannabis Cultivation Businesses

The cannabis industry is booming in the US, and it's only going to go up from here.

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