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March 06 2019

Partnership Audit Rules for Cannabis Companies

Has tax season got you worried about getting audited?

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March 04 2019

Montana Commercial Cannabis Update

Update for March 4, 2019

It’s been an exciting week. Friday was day 45, halfway called transmittal, when they send the bills to the opposite house. Unfortunately, HB577 the gun rights bill failed to pass committee.

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March 04 2019

Weekly Round-Up: Commercial Cannabis Updates from across California

This week RFPs are out for Commercial Cannabis Business Permits in Nevada County, and grants for California municipalities in support of California’s Cannabis Equity Act.

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March 04 2019

You've Taken your Cannabis Company Public: Now What?

Listing your cannabis company on the Canadian Securities Exchange can feel like a daunting prospect. It takes about a year and there are numerous decisions to make, pros and cons to weigh, and steps to take to bring your company public.

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February 28 2019

3 Best Tax Software Tools for Cannabis Companies

Continuing our previous coverage of the best POS systems for cannabis companies and our general software recommendations, this guide gives you our picks for the three best tax software tools for cannabis operators.

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February 27 2019

199A - Qualified Business Income Deduction for Cannabis Operators

For cannabis business operators starting their tax return, figuring out what deductions you can claim under the 280e can be a challenge. Many of the typical expenses small businesses write off are ineligible to cannabis companies. As a result, you may need to dig a little deeper to find tax...

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February 26 2019

What ROI should you expect when investing in a cannabis business?

The cannabis industry is ripe for investors, with more and more cannabis companies joining the Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE). California’s cannabis market alone is estimated to reach $5.1 billion in market value. The cannabis industry remains a largely untapped market that has...

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February 25 2019

This Week's Cannabis Updates from Around California

Today's cannabis updates from the state of California come from Pomona, Morro Bay, Colton, and more. 

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February 22 2019

10 Questions to Ask Before Taking Your Cannabis Company Public

With the legalization of cannabis in Canada, many US cannabis operators are beginning to explore the possibility of listing on the Canadian Securities Exchange.

Besides preparing financially for the IFRS audit and deciding whether to go the IPO or RTO route, there are 10 key questions you...

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February 21 2019

How to Price Your Cannabis and Cannabis Products for Profit

One of the most difficult aspects of running a cannabis business is learning how to price your products profitably.

High tax rates for dispensaries can make it difficult to set your price tag at a point that remains attractive to customers while still earning income for your business.

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