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December 14 2017

How To Get a Cannabis Seller's Permit for January 1, 2018

California's legal cannabis market opens for business in January 2018: here's what to expect

  • All cannabis businesses in California must register with the California Department of Taxes and Fees Administration for a seller's permit and regularly file sales and use tax returns.
  • If you do...
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December 11 2017

California’s Cannabis Excise and Cultivation Taxes (and Penalties)

Questions about cannabis excise and cultivation taxes in California? Read this complete guide for everything you need to know.

  • Retailers are responsible for collecting the cannabis excise tax and then for paying the tax to the distributor.
  • Excise tax is set at 15% of average market price. 
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December 04 2017

5 Tax Questions to Ask When Structuring Your Cannabis Business

Nonprofit, C-Corp, LLC: what business structure offers the best tax benefits for new cannabis companies?

  • A multi-entity structure limits your liability and can protect your interest – but also create a logistical nightmare.
  • C-Corp is one of the most popular options, but beware the double...
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