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June 29 2018

Sacramento is Accepting Cannabis Applications With No Deadline

.Although many of the cities Green Growth CPA has written about have hard deadlines for cannabis applications, there are also cities that choose to keep application deadlines open ended.  Sacramento is one of these cities.

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June 27 2018

How Do Cannabis Taxes Apply to Immature Plants, Seeds and Clones?

Learn how the cultivation, excise, and sales taxes apply differently to immature plans, seeds, and clones.

  • Cultivation tax does not apply to the sale of immature plants, seeds, and clones. 
  • Sales tax applies when any cannabis item (including plants, seeds and clones) is sold in the retail...
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June 27 2018

How to Collect and Disburse the Cannabis Excise Tax

Cannabis retailers must collect a 15% excise tax from customers – here's how to do it

  • Excise tax is charged differently in an arm's length and non-arm's-length transaction. 
  • In an arm’s length transaction, you should factor the excise tax into any discounts or promotional pricing you...
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June 25 2018

July 1 Is The Deadline For New Cannabis Testing & Packaging Regulations

In January 2018, California enacted Prop 64, and officially legalized recreational cannabis. As a courtesy, a six-month transition window was put into place for cannabis businesses to make the necessary adjustment to comply with new California cannabis testing and packaging regulations....

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