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September 28 2018

Cannabis Banking 101: The Agencies and Policies Responsible for why Banks won’t take your Cannabis Money

Ever wonder why federally insured banks generally don’t do business with cannabis business owners? There are agencies and policies responsible for why banks won’t take your cannabis business money. The first and most obvious agency is the US Attorney with the Department of Justice. The...

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September 27 2018

Maya Elisabeth on Whoopi & Maya, Women, and Entrepreneurship in the Cannabis Industry

It has been a tremendous year for women entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry. Thirty-one states have passed legislation to decriminalize cannabis, and nine of them permit both commercial medical and recreational adult use. Demand for cannabis products is higher than ever before, and women...

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September 26 2018

Best Software Packages to Start Using for your Cannabis Business

Are you spending a lot of time each day making sure your business is running smoothly?

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September 18 2018

Common Cannabis Bookkeeping Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Cannabis businesses are like any other legal business that relies on accurate information and reporting. The biggest difference in bookkeeping for cannabis companies lies in the massive amount of cash being collected, and therefore greater potential for error – or worse, fraud. Successful...

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September 17 2018

California Cannabis Updates from San Fernando, San Luis Obispo, San Francisco and Blythe

This week we have cannabis updates about the cities of San Fernando, San Luis Obispo, San Francisco and Blythe. In addition, The California Department of Pesticide Regulation released a document that all cannabis cultivators must read.

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September 14 2018

Nevada Cannabis Licensing Update

Big news out of Nevada: the state will be expanding their recreational cannabis licenses starting September 7, 2018, with a second licensing window opening in November. This month, Nevada is accepting license applications for recreational cannabis business establishments from existing...

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September 13 2018

Elements of a Winning Cannabis Business Plan

Once you’ve taken the first three steps to starting a cannabis business, the next logical move (and part of securing a license) is to write a business plan.

Writing a winning cannabis business plan is similar to writing a business plan for any other business—with the exception of focusing...

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September 10 2018

Breaking Cannabis News from Contra Costa County, Sacramento, and American Canyon

This week we have cannabis updates from Contra Costa County, Sacramento and American Canyon.  In addition, the California Department of Fish & Wildlife Habitat Conservation Planning Branch released a new document AND the details of six cannabis informational workshops that will be held...

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September 06 2018

How to Calculate Your Initial Cannabis Startup Costs

Before deciding whether or not to invest your time, effort, and money into starting a cannabis business, it may be wise to take a close look at initial start up costs. Unfortunately, cannabis ventures tend to be more capital intensive than other start-ups. Here is a checklist to help you...

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September 05 2018

September’s Breaking Cannabis Updates from San Luis Obispo, San Francisco, Santa Barbara County and More

The Labor Day weekend was busy for cannabis news across the state. Today, we have  updates from the cities of Desert Hot Springs, San Luis Obispo, San Bernardino, American Canyon, San Francisco, Santa Barbara County and Solvang.

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September 05 2018

What to Look for in a Cannabis Accounting Firm

The cannabis market within California continues to grow at a tremendous rate. The cannabis market is expected to hit $3.7 billion in California by the end of this year and grow to $5 billion in 2019. These numbers are a huge source of tax revenue; BDS analytics predicts that California will...

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