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October 31 2018

How to Put a Commercial Cannabis Application Together

Commercial cannabis permits are becoming more available, but how to actually prep and assemble a winning application is still surrounded in mystery .

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October 29 2018

Big Updates in California Cannabis: CDFA Temporary Cultivation License Cap, Unincorporated Riverside Commercial Cannabis Permits, and more from other California Cities

There are big updates coming from California’s commercial cannabis industry. This week, the Department of Food and Agriculture released a statement regarding delays in processing temporary cannabis cultivation licenses. In other licensing news, Riverside County has permitted commercial...

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October 23 2018

This Week’s Update About California State Cannabis Licensing Authorities Proposed Regulations, San Luis Obispo County, Atwater, and Riverside County

Major developments are happening in California’s commercial cannabis industry. This week, lawmakers released Proposed Non-Emergency Regulations that will govern all types of commercial cannabis activity. Other developments include California cities positioning themselves to permit...

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October 16 2018

Four Tips to Help You Navigate Cannabis Business Banking

If you’re interested in starting and operating a cannabis business, chances are you’ve run into some difficulty opening a company bank account. There are a variety of reasons why banks won’t take your cannabis money. This is both frustrating and dangerous for you as a cannabis business...

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October 15 2018

More California Cities Revisiting Cannabis Ordinances: Monterey, Santa Barbara, Riverside, Isleton, and Tracy

As more cities in California revisit their Commercial Cannabis Ordinances, it is important to stay on top of developments. These California cities in the final stages of amending moratoriums are gearing up to release finalized commercial cannabis ordinances and business permit applications.

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October 11 2018

What You Don’t Know About Getting A California Cannabis Permit

It takes a lot more than just a local and state license to get your commercial cannabis business legally up and running. In addition to the commercial cannabis licenses, your business needs to be compliant with other building codes, zoning requirements, environmental regulations, and more....

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October 10 2018

How to Vet a CFO for Your Cannabis Company

The Chief Financial Officer role is one of the most important positions in your cannabis company. There are many irregular overhead expenses to keep track of, and being compliant with the 280e regulation can be a full-time job. Here’s what to look for in finding a person to keep tabs...

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October 08 2018

A Look at this Week in California's Local Cannabis Ordinance and Applications Scene

The important weekly cannabis updates for California are in. We have news from Commerce, Cathedral City, Imperial Beach, Woodlake and the National Cannabis Industry Association Conference.

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October 04 2018

IRS Penalizes Cannabis Operator for Federal Income Tax Evasion

The first federal sentencing of a legal cannabis business by the IRS is in the books – and it resulted in heavy fines and jail time for a cannabis operator in Oregon.

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October 01 2018

The Weekly Round Up: Updates from Banning, Carpinteria, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and the California State Water Board

Here are important updates for Banning, Carpinteria, Los Angeles, Sacramento and theCalifornia State Water Board

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