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December 19 2018

The IFRS Audit: What to Expect When Going Public in Canada

To enter the Canadian Stock Exchange, American cannabis operators must go through an audit in accordance with Canadian regulations. 

  • The audit requires that you prepare four key documents  as part of your IFRS financial statements.
  • You must also provide a summary of your accounting...
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December 17 2018

California Cities permitting Commercial Cannabis Activities

This week, the news is all about more California cities permitting commercial cannabis activities.

2019 is looking like it’s off to a very exciting start and promises more cannabis business opportunities to aspiring and existing canna-business owners.

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December 13 2018

CDTFA Proposed Emergency Cannabis Tax Regulation

Distributors and retailers: this week, the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA) released a new proposed regulation regarding the California Cannabis Track and Trace system.

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December 10 2018

More California Cities to Permit Commercial Cannabis Activities

Since the November 6, 2018 General Election, several California Cities are considering adopting resolutions that will announce the result and implement Cannabis Business Taxes. This can only mean that more California cities will soon be permitting commercial cannabis activities.

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December 06 2018

Lessons for Cannabis Operators from Harborside vs. IRS

Learn from Harborside Health Center's misfortune and make sure you file and pay your taxes on time.

  • Harborside v. the IRS was a case that shows just how aggressive the IRS is in punishing errors on your cannabis business taxes.
  • It's important to streamline your operations to maximize...
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December 03 2018

Bureau of Cannabis Control, Mountain View, American Canyon, and Lompoc

As the end of the year fast approaches, cannabis business operators are scrambling to get their Temporary License Applications in, hoping to meet the Bureau’s December 31, 2018 temporary license issuance deadline. There are also a few California cities releasing commercial cannabis...

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