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July 23 2019

What to Know About Cannabis Joint Venture Deals


A joint venture can give you access to new markets, new sources of revenue, and lower your risk profile. 

  • A joint venture is when two or more business entities enter an enterprise agreement for the purpose of advancing a specific project or business activity.
  • Partners are tied...
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July 22 2019

Weekly Cannabis Licensing Update - July 22

As heat waves hit across the country, here are the hottest cannabis news headlines from cities in California.

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July 15 2019

Cannabis Licensing Update - July 15

This summer’s California cannabis updates continue with news from Coachella, La Mesa, and Los Angeles. Here’s what you need to know to start your week off right. 

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July 12 2019

Measuring the Financial Health of Your Cannabis Business




These tips can help cannabis business owners evaluate your growth potential, stability, and more. 

  • The more data you can gather about your business, the better. 
  •  Analyze your data once per month in the first year of running your business, then quarterly for the second year and...
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