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July 31 2020

SPACs in the Cannabis Industry

The acronym SPAC is showing up more and more in relation to the cannabis industry. SPAC IPOs raised, on average, $231 million in 2019 and $312 million thus far in 2020. SPACs are accountable for more than $2.5 billion raised in the cannabis industry.

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July 22 2020

How to Take Money Out of Your Cannabis Business

Many cannabis business owners draw a salary from the profit of their cannabis venture. Unless you are running a nonprofit, certain business entities allow you to take a reasonable salary from your cannabis operation. You may be required to earn directly from your cannabis interest. 

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July 02 2020

Understanding Bad Debts for Cannabis Companies

In every industry, bad debts can happen for a variety of reasons: fraud, bankruptcy, and other financial problems make some debts uncollectible. The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing economic chaos have increased the likelihood that cannabis entrepreneurs will have to deal with bad debt. 

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