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June 09 2021

5 Keys to Winning A Cannabis Retail Application

Submitting a winning cannabis retail license application is no small feat. 

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June 04 2021

Keys to Cannabis Licensing: Financial Projections

Why You Need Financial Projections to Get a Cannabis License

A business plan and financial projections are necessary financial documents in applying for and securing a cannabis license. These documents are not only essential in applying for your license, but will also serve as the roadmap...

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June 01 2021

Delta-8 Explainer: What is Delta-8?

Delta-8 THC is a controversial product stirring up a lot of news -- and earning bans in a growing number of adult-use and medical cannabis states. A lot of confusion swirls around Delta-8 (and to a lesser extent Delta-10) as consumers, operators and regulators seek clarity on what this...

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