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April 17 2019

What Cannabis Operators Need to Know About Cash Flow

Cash flow is a key business metric that all cannabis operators must pay close attention to because it can mean the difference between staying afloat or slowly sinking into financial ruins.

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April 15 2019

Weekly California Cannabis Regulation Update: April 15

This week in California was relatively quiet, with a few updates related to Los Angeles cannabis ordinances.

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April 11 2019

Cannabis Delivery and Online Ordering 101

California’s new permanent regulations make it legal to deliver cannabis statewide.

Regardless of whether a customer lives in a municipality that prohibits cannabis locally, non-storefront delivery companies are able to serve these “cannabis deserts” and have cannabis shipped straight to...

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April 08 2019

Weekly Cannabis Regulation Update: Marina, Los Angeles, & West Hollywood

This week’s top cannabis updates from California come from Marina, Los Angeles, and West Hollywood.

Here’s the must-read news you need to know.

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April 02 2019

Drive Cannabis Sales with Customer Education and Staff Expertise

As you know, the cannabis market is very competitive across the US.

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March 27 2019

Franchising Tips for Cannabis Businesses

Franchising can seem like an easy way to start to grow your cannabis business, especially when you have something special that is actually kicking off a healthy amount of cash or profits.

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March 20 2019

5 Ways to Boost Profitability on Your Top Selling Cannabis Product

Profit margin is one KPI to which all cannabis retailers should be paying attention.

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March 14 2019

How to Select a Good Location for Each Type of Cannabis Business

One of the most difficult parts of operating in the cannabis industry is locating real estate for your business.

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March 12 2019

Intellectual Property: What IP Can Your Cannabis Company Protect?

There are still many parts of the cannabis market that feel unregulated: and intellectual property rights is one such area.

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March 06 2019

Partnership Audit Rules for Cannabis Companies

Has tax season got you worried about getting audited?

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