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August 15 2018

How the 280e Tax Regulation Affects Your Cannabis Business

It seems like every day in the United States, another state is moves closer to passing a piece of legislation that supports further legalization of cannabis.  States like Oklahoma and Michigan continue make progress toward legalizing recreational cannabis. However, despite the rising...

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August 13 2018

Exclusive Cannabis Updates from American Canyon, Arroyo Grande, Blythe, Hillsborough, King City, Solvang and Willows

This week we have exciting California cannabis news from the cities of American Canyon, Arroyo Grande, Blythe, Hillsborough, King City, Solvang, and Willows.

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August 10 2018

Inventory Management 101 for Cannabis Businesses

Cannabis retailers, dispensaries, and cultivators each face a unique set of challenges related to inventory tracking. Cannabis businesses have inventory management needs that traditional systems often aren’t equipped to handle. Seed-to-sale tracking and inventory management directly impacts...

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August 08 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis in Oregon

Oregon has a well-earned reputation for being a very cannabis-friendly state. Rightfully so: Oregon was the first state to decriminalize cannabis in 1973. Since then, cannabis in Oregon has become more commonplace than many other states. This guide will help you understand what it takes to...

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August 06 2018

Exclusive Cannabis Updates from Sonoma County, Sacramento, Oroville, Pomona and Alameda County

It’s a busy week of cannabis updates from California. Today’s news comes from Sonoma County, Sacramento, Oroville, Pomona and Alameda County.

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August 03 2018

Podcast: Los Angeles Cannabis Licensing Webinar

On July 25, 2018 we presented all of the information you will need to get your Los Angeles Cannabis Business licensed and started.

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August 03 2018

How to Manage Irregular Overhead Expenses

Every business must factor in variable costs to their financial statements. For cannabis companies, this task can prove difficult: variable costs are often more irregular and difficult to predict than in other industries. Here’s how to prepare your cannabis business for irregular overhead...

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August 01 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis in Michigan

Medical cannabis is legal in Michigan, and this summer, the state voted on eleven new measures related to cannabis treatment. This guide will provide you with an update on Michigan cannabis, as well as some tips for starting a cannabis business in the state.

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July 30 2018

California Cannabis Headlines from Maywood, Redwood City, and Eureka

Another week, another exciting round of California Cannabis updates. This week, we have news of a potential workshop from CalCannabis Cultivation licensing in addition to updates from the cities of Maywood, Redwood City, and Eureka.

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July 26 2018

Everything you Need to Know About Cannabis in Oklahoma

This summer, Oklahoma became the 30th state to vote on legalizing cannabis. On June 26, 57% of Oklahoma voters approved SQ 788 — an initiative calling for the swift implementation of medical cannabis. However, since the vote, the full approval for businesses to begin selling medical...

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