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May 24 2018

Part 3: Los Angeles Cannabis License Requirements

Catch Part 1 and Part 2 of our Los Angeles series before reading the third and final article below.

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May 16 2018

3 First Steps to Starting a California Cannabis Business

If you're new to California's cannabis industry, start here to with these key ingredients you need to get off the ground. 

  • You must find properly zoned real estate to even have your cannabis business application considered. 
  • Not every city allows for every type of cannabis business: see...
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May 09 2018

How to Find Real Estate for Your Cannabis Business

Competition for cannabis real estate is steep – follow these steps to get a jump on finding a location for your dispensary. 

  • Budget at least six to eight months of full-time searching to locate your property.
  • A city's first reading of proposed zoning ordinances should spark your property...
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May 01 2018

How to Submit a Strong Cannabis Business Permit Application in California

Competition for a cannabis business license in California is fierce – here are some things that will make your application stand out. 

  • Be extremely thorough and detailed in describing your business plan. 
  • Follow ALL the security guidelines: hire a professional to get your on-site security...
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April 11 2018

Part 2: Los Angeles Cannabis Zoning

Los Angeles, California recently released a series of additional regulations to reduce any negative impact or confusion regarding the cannabis industry.

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April 05 2018

Part 1: Los Angeles' Cannabis Rules and Regulations

Los Angeles is further clarifying their cannabis rules, regulations, and city ordinances to surrounding this growing industry. In this series, we’ll be tackling Los Angeles revised planning ordinances and licensing. First up: the city’s rules and regulations for cannabis businesses.

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March 29 2018

Tax Reform Updates: Should You Convert from an S-Corps to a C-Corps?

The 2018 tax reform bill passed by Congress brought a lot of new changes to federal taxes for California cannabis businesses. You may have some questions about how to take advantage of these changes, which is why we’re covering all new deductions, liabilities, and tax considerations in...

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February 05 2018

How To Find an Investor for Your Cannabis Business

There are lots of investors looking to get a piece of California's cannabis market – here's how to find one. 

  • Before you pitch, decide if you're asking for a loan or selling ownership stakes. 
  • There are also crowdfunding sites built specifically for cannabis businesses you could try. 
  • ...
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December 14 2017

How To Get a Cannabis Seller's Permit for January 1, 2018

California's legal cannabis market opens for business in January 2018: here's what to expect

  • All cannabis businesses in California must register with the California Department of Taxes and Fees Administration for a seller's permit and regularly file sales and use tax returns.
  • If you do...
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December 11 2017

Everything You Need to Know About California’s Cannabis Excise and Cultivation Taxes (and Penalties)

Questions about cannabis excise and cultivation taxes in California? Read this complete guide for everything you need to know.

  • Retailers are responsible for collecting the cannabis excise tax and then for paying the tax to the distributor.
  • Excise tax is set at 15% of average market price. 
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