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August 12 2019

Weekly Cannabis Licensing Update - August 12

This week’s California cannabis updates are from La Mesa, Corning, Oxnard, and the Bureau of Cannabis Control.

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August 09 2019

How Filing Los Angeles Cannabis Excise and Use Tax Incorrectly Will Cost You

As a cannabis operator, you’re probably sick of having to contend with the many, frequent taxes due to the state and local government. Cannabis distributors, cultivators, and manufacturers are all responsible for different taxes, in addition to federal taxes required of all business...

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August 05 2019

Weekly Cannabis Licensing Update - August 5

As summer starts to wind down, it’s been relatively quiet on the California cannabis news front. This week’s headlines feature from Oxnard, California, the California Bureau of Cannabis Control, and Los Angeles. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with our team. 

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August 02 2019

Everything Cannabis Distributors Need to Know About Taxes

Cannabis distributors play a big role in collecting and paying taxes in California's cannabis industry

  • Distributors are responsible for collecting cannabis tax from the cultivators and manufacturers with whom they work.
  • Distributor licenses are tricky to obtain to variable zoning...
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July 23 2019

What to Know About Cannabis Joint Venture Deals


A joint venture can give you access to new markets, new sources of revenue, and lower your risk profile. 

  • A joint venture is when two or more business entities enter an enterprise agreement for the purpose of advancing a specific project or business activity.
  • Partners are tied...
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July 22 2019

Weekly Cannabis Licensing Update - July 22

As heat waves hit across the country, here are the hottest cannabis news headlines from cities in California.

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July 15 2019

Cannabis Licensing Update - July 15

This summer’s California cannabis updates continue with news from Coachella, La Mesa, and Los Angeles. Here’s what you need to know to start your week off right. 

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July 12 2019

Measuring the Financial Health of Your Cannabis Business




These tips can help cannabis business owners evaluate your growth potential, stability, and more. 

  • The more data you can gather about your business, the better. 
  •  Analyze your data once per month in the first year of running your business, then quarterly for the second year and...
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June 27 2019

Reduce Your Cannabis Taxes with 471 Allocations



The § 1.471-1 is a tax code that can be applied to reduce your tax burden – here's how. 

  • The § 1.471-1 tax code defines inventory capitalization rules for businesses.
  • If something counts as an inventory costs, it can be considered a COGS and deducted. 
  • Note that allocations under...
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June 24 2019

Cannabis Licensing Update - June 24

This week’s cannabis updates in California are from Los Angeles and Riverside County. 

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