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February 19 2019

How to Beat the Competition in Oklahoma’s Cannabis Market

Oklahoma legalized medical cannabis in June 2018, and since then, the market has exploded with dispensaries and grow operations.

By our count, the Oklahoma market has more than 1600 growers, 436 processors, and 947 dispensaries – a very competitive landscape for anyone wishing to enter the...

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February 06 2019

The 5 Best POS Systems for Cannabis Retailers

If you’re seeking to upgrade your software, or just hoping to avoid some of these common bookkeeping mistakes, your point-of-sale system is a good place to start.

A good POS system can help a cannabis retailer manage inventory, track sales, and get data on your customer trends.

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December 12 2018

Get Ready to Go Public in Canada in 2019

Canada legalized recreational cannabis this year, creating the opportunity for US cannabis companies to go public to a much wider market. Due to remaining federal regulations in the US classifying cannabis as illegal, the Canadian Securities Exchange is the go-to alternative for US...

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November 29 2018

Cannabis Security 101: How to Protect Your Business

As tax professionals, we focus a ton on your cannabis business’s financial security.

We’re experts at helping you prevent bookkeeping mistakes, avoiding tax fraud, and making sure your cannabis operation is compliant with state and local tax laws.

But what about the physical security of...

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November 20 2018

What is the Best Way to Structure Your Cannabis Business?

As part of writing your cannabis business plan, one of the first decisions you’ll have to make is how to structure your cannabis company.

There are many types of entities to choose from. Each one has different tax and legal implications.

Selecting the right business structure also means...

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November 15 2018

How to Write an Impactful Executive Summary for Cannabis Investors

The strongest cannabis business plans for investors need an executive summary.

When seeking an investor for your cannabis business, the executive summary is your first opportunity to make a good first impression. Investors are eager to get a piece of the estimated $8.5 billion legal...

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November 08 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Standard Operating Procedures

When you apply for an adult-use cannabis business license, the application is likely going to ask you to detail your standard operating procedures (SOPs). These are a critical factor in helping your license application get approved – as well as key to making sure your cannabis business runs...

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September 28 2018

Cannabis Banking 101: The Agencies and Policies Responsible for why Banks won’t take your Cannabis Money

Ever wonder why federally insured banks generally don’t do business with cannabis business owners? There are agencies and policies responsible for why banks won’t take your cannabis business money. The first and most obvious agency is the US Attorney with the Department of Justice. The...

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September 26 2018

Best Software Packages to Start Using for your Cannabis Business

Are you spending a lot of time each day making sure your business is running smoothly?

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September 18 2018

Common Cannabis Bookkeeping Mistakes (And How to Avoid Them)

Cannabis businesses are like any other legal business that relies on accurate information and reporting. The biggest difference in bookkeeping for cannabis companies lies in the massive amount of cash being collected, and therefore greater potential for error – or worse, fraud. Successful...

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