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March 26 2020

Economic Update for Cannabis Businesses

Small business owners around the country are in need of help as more and more states ask their citizens to stay at home. Cannabis is no exception.

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January 29 2020

Best Practices for Cannabis Dispensary Cash Handling

Cash management is important for every small business but can sink a cannabis operator quickly. In an industry where virtually every transaction is handled in cash, strong cash handling policies are critical for survival. 

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December 18 2019

Understanding Cannabis Nursery Businesses

Cannabis operators seeking to diversify should consider a cannabis nursery; this business model is slightly less involved than a full cultivation operation, but still lets entrepreneurs work with plants and seeds. Here’s our quick guide to learning more about starting a cannabis...

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November 29 2019

Using Functional Interviews to Reorganize Your Cannabis Company

The cannabis market is maturing, and with that growth comes many changes for cannabis operators who are merging, adjusting, and reorganizing to improve their operations. Labor costs – employee wages, payroll, benefits, and taxes – can total up to 70% of total business costs. When a...

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July 12 2019

Measuring the Financial Health of Your Cannabis Business

As a cannabis business owner, you know that you have a lot on your plate.

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June 12 2019

Issues Around Marketing Your Cannabis Business

What are the Rules on Advertising Cannabis?

While we're not lawyers and cannot give legal advice, we've seen a few best practices that we want to share with you. As cannabis is still considered a Schedule I substance, advertising is strictly prohibited on a federal level, while also being...

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June 05 2019

5 Tactics to Drive Repeat Business for Your Cannabis Company

As with any industry, loyal customers are profitable customers.

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May 28 2019

5 Tips for Diversifying Your Cannabis Customer Base

Market analysts estimate that there are about 272 million cannabis consumers worldwide. Twenty four million of those consumers live in the US.

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April 11 2019

Cannabis Delivery and Online Ordering 101

California’s new permanent regulations make it legal to deliver cannabis statewide.

Regardless of whether a customer lives in a municipality that prohibits cannabis locally, non-storefront delivery companies are able to serve these “cannabis deserts” and have cannabis shipped straight to...

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April 02 2019

Drive Cannabis Sales with Customer Education and Staff Expertise

As you know, the cannabis market is very competitive across the US.

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