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July 06 2021

How to Turn Around Cannabis Business Performance

How to Turn Around a Cannabis Business

The difficulty of turning a profit in today’s cannabis industry can sometimes feel insurmountable. Punishing federal and state tax regimes, the lack of intrastate commerce, limited banking access, restrictions on advertising, heavy operating costs,...

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June 24 2021

8 Benefits of Outsourcing Cannabis CFO Services

Benefits of Outsourcing Cannabis CFO Services

Managing a cannabis company’s finances is an entirely different beast when compared to financial management in any other industry. Cannabis's classification as a federally illegal substance presents complex, unique challenges to business owners...

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June 01 2021

Delta-8 Explainer: What is Delta-8?

Delta-8 THC is a controversial product stirring up a lot of news -- and earning bans in a growing number of adult-use and medical cannabis states. A lot of confusion swirls around Delta-8 (and to a lesser extent Delta-10) as consumers, operators and regulators seek clarity on what this...

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May 26 2021

Ownership Shares: The Key to Attracting Top Cannabis Talent

Every business is a talent business. 

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May 20 2021

New Era of Cannabis Mergers and Acquisitions: What You Need to Know

Florida-based cannabis multi-state operator (MSO) Trulieve has announced a $2.1 billion acquisition deal of Harvest Health & Recreation. If this all-stock transaction is approved, it would result in the largest cannabis industry M&A deal to date, and could be the beginning of a new era of...

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May 11 2021

5 Ways Cannabis Companies Benefit From Enhanced Controls

The strong control environments utilized by public companies in the cannabis industry provide a powerful blueprint for best practices that private cannabis companies can learn from and build on. These controls can: provide greater accountability within the organization, lower the risk of...

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May 01 2020

Break-Even Point for a Cannabis Dispensary


The faster your cannabis operation hits break-even, the sooner you become profitable – here's how. 

  • Start keeping track your sales, number of transactions, weather, events in the areas, specific promotions, and headcount for the day and even big news headlines for every day.
  • Examine...
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April 24 2020

Role of a Receiver and the Benefits of Receivership

This post is part 2 in a series about economic receivership. Catch up on the first part, “Receivership for Cannabis Businesses” for more information. 

  • Cannabis businesses can't file for bankruptcy; receivership is an alternative solution.
  • A "receiver" is someone appointed by the court...
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