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July 23 2019

What to Know About Cannabis Joint Venture Deals


A joint venture can give you access to new markets, new sources of revenue, and lower your risk profile. 

  • A joint venture is when two or more business entities enter an enterprise agreement for the purpose of advancing a specific project or business activity.
  • Partners are tied...
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July 12 2019

Measuring the Financial Health of Your Cannabis Business




These tips can help cannabis business owners evaluate your growth potential, stability, and more. 

  • The more data you can gather about your business, the better. 
  •  Analyze your data once per month in the first year of running your business, then quarterly for the second year and...
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June 27 2019

Reduce Your Cannabis Taxes with 471 Allocations



The § 1.471-1 is a tax code that can be applied to reduce your tax burden – here's how. 

  • The § 1.471-1 tax code defines inventory capitalization rules for businesses.
  • If something counts as an inventory costs, it can be considered a COGS and deducted. 
  • Note that allocations under...
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June 19 2019

Managing Your Cannabis Business Fund Flow



Learn how to budget and allocate your cash so that you don’t miss any important bills and can keep track of your money. 

  • When cash comes in, put some in a safe and some in a bank, depending on how you're paying your bills (electronically or cash).
  • Only keep as much cash on site as...
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May 07 2019

Creating a Killer Pitch Deck for Your Cannabis Company


A well-crafted pitch deck can make your cannabis company stand out to potential investors.

  • Keep your deck short: no more than 15 slides.
  • Focus on the "why": why should an investor care about your business over every other investment opportunity?
  • Include ways that your business stays...
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April 25 2019

Crash Course on Vendor Agreements for Cannabis Operators

You must have written agreements with partners throughout your supply chain to stay compliant with industry regulations. 

  • Most experts recommend writing your contracts with entities based in the same jurisdiction.
  • Avoid using a plug-and-go template; contracts from one state won’t...
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April 17 2019

What Cannabis Operators Need to Know About Cash Flow

The sheer amount of cash moving through the cannabis market makes cash flow a critical KPI for cannabis operators. 

  • Cash flow is a contributing factor in the majority of all new business failures, and cannabis operators are at even more of a risk.
  • Strong inventory management is the first...
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February 26 2019

What ROI should you expect when investing in a cannabis business?

Understand the risks associated with cannabis investments to safeguard your interests as much as possible. 

  • Do your due diligence to understand the risks of a certain opportunity – as well as the potential returns.
  • Consider how the competition in the market will change over time. 
  • ...
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February 12 2019

How Pro Formas Affect Your Cannabis Business



A pro forma can be used to leverage investment pitches and strengthen business plans that are presented to potential investors.

  • A pro forma is a set of financial documents that demonstrates how investment funds will be used and impact a company's financial position.
  • These...
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February 06 2019

The 5 Best POS Systems for Cannabis Retailers

A great point-of-sale tool will help you stay compliant with regulations, avoid theft, and learn about your customers. 

  • Find a POS that is built specifically for the needs of the cannabis industry. 
  • GreenBits, Meadows, Treez, Webjoint, and Fishbowl are all good options for operators. 
  • Look...
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