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January 24 2019

What to Expect in a Tax Audit

Tax audits are relatively common in the cannabis industry – here's how to prepare for one at your business. 

  • Make sure your sales, inventory, employee, and tax records are detailed and thorough. 
  • Be prepared with historical financial records, receipts, tax returns, and anything else you...
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December 19 2018

The IFRS Audit: What to Expect When Going Public in Canada

To enter the Canadian Stock Exchange, American cannabis operators must go through an audit in accordance with Canadian regulations. 

  • The audit requires that you prepare four key documents  as part of your IFRS financial statements.
  • You must also provide a summary of your accounting...
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October 16 2018

Four Tips to Help You Navigate Cannabis Business Banking

The traditional banking industry is largely closed to cannabis operators, but there are still ways you can get a bank account. 

  • Keep your business name professional to avoid raising any red flags when you apply for a bank account. 
  • Maintain two accounts, one for cash payments and the other...
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October 10 2018

How to Vet a CFO for Your Cannabis Company

The CFO is potentially the most important leadership role in your cannabis business – make sure the person you hire is equipped to work in this industry. 

  • CFO is the point-person for all financial reporting, including reports to your board of directors, as well as to outside parties...
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September 28 2018

Cannabis Banking 101: The Agencies and Policies Responsible for why Banks won’t take your Cannabis Money

Learn the background of the Cole Memorandum and why cannabis operators are subject to 280E restrictions.

  • The Cole Memorandum indicates that prosecutors and law enforcement should focus federal funds on those cannabis businesses and operators in conflict with state law.
  • Jeff Sessions made a...
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