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October 16 2018

Four Tips to Help You Navigate Cannabis Business Banking

If you’re interested in starting and operating a cannabis business, chances are you’ve run into some difficulty opening a company bank account. There are a variety of reasons why banks won’t take your cannabis money. This is both frustrating and dangerous for you as a cannabis business...

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October 10 2018

How to Vet a CFO for Your Cannabis Company

The Chief Financial Officer role is one of the most important positions in your cannabis company. There are many irregular overhead expenses to keep track of, and being compliant with the 280e regulation can be a full-time job. Here’s what to look for in finding a person to keep tabs...

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September 28 2018

Cannabis Banking 101: The Agencies and Policies Responsible for why Banks won’t take your Cannabis Money

Ever wonder why federally insured banks generally don’t do business with cannabis business owners? There are agencies and policies responsible for why banks won’t take your cannabis business money. The first and most obvious agency is the US Attorney with the Department of Justice. The...

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