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October 11 2018

What You Don’t Know About Getting A California Cannabis Permit

It takes a lot more than just a local and state license to get your commercial cannabis business legally up and running. In addition to the commercial cannabis licenses, your business needs to be compliant with other building codes, zoning requirements, environmental regulations, and more....

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September 14 2018

Nevada Cannabis Licensing Update

Big news out of Nevada: the state will be expanding their recreational cannabis licenses starting September 7, 2018, with a second licensing window opening in November. This month, Nevada is accepting license applications for recreational cannabis business establishments from existing...

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August 16 2018

OPEN NOW: Long Beach Officially Accepting Applications For Adult-Use Cannabis Licenses

The city of Long Beach recently announced the passing of their adult-use cannabis business ordinance, as discussed in our last Long Beach article.  Today, we are excited to announce that applications are OPEN for adult-use cannabis licenses in Long Beach.

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August 08 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis in Oregon

Oregon has a well-earned reputation for being a very cannabis-friendly state. Rightfully so: Oregon was the first state to decriminalize cannabis in 1973. Since then, cannabis in Oregon has become more commonplace than many other states. This guide will help you understand what it takes to...

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August 01 2018

Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis in Michigan

Medical cannabis is legal in Michigan, and this summer, the state voted on eleven new measures related to cannabis treatment. This guide will provide you with an update on Michigan cannabis, as well as some tips for starting a cannabis business in the state.

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July 26 2018

Everything you Need to Know About Cannabis in Oklahoma

This summer, Oklahoma became the 30th state to vote on legalizing cannabis. On June 26, 57% of Oklahoma voters approved SQ 788 — an initiative calling for the swift implementation of medical cannabis. However, since the vote, the full approval for businesses to begin selling medical...

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July 18 2018

Long Beach Approves Adult Use Cannabis Ordinance

The City of Long Beach, California has recently announced the passing of their adult-use cannabis business ordinance.  Long Beach is located on California’s Pacific border and within the Greater Los Angeles area. Long Beach will be following the likes of many other California cities, like...

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July 11 2018

BREAKING: Los Angeles One Step Closer to Licensing for Cannabis Manufacturers and Cultivators!

Last week, Los Angeles announced the city will begin the process for licensing cannabis manufacturers and cultivators starting August 1. Though it will take months before a manufacturer or cultivator will be fully up and running in the city, this step signifies a green light for anyone...

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July 09 2018

Essential Cannabis Headlines from Mendocino, Whittier, Culver City and More

Welcome to another week of California cannabis headlines. This week we have updates from Mendocino County, Whittier, Contra Costa County and Culver City.

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June 29 2018

Sacramento is Accepting Cannabis Applications With No Deadline

.Although many of the cities Green Growth CPA has written about have hard deadlines for cannabis applications, there are also cities that choose to keep application deadlines open ended.  Sacramento is one of these cities.

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